About the
Pilot Program

In response to the staffing shortage, we are working out a way to find interested candidates for positions, focusing on Lebanon and hoping to reach the rest of Warren County. We hope to develop local connections and build our workforce to maintain the vibrant growth and community we have come to expect here in Southwest Ohio.

Working together with the Lebanon Area Chamber of Commerce and pilot employers, we are helping people more easily make connects and remove barriers between those looking for jobs and those providing them. Our hope is that a one-time application, opening the door for multiple jobs, can make the job search easier for applicants in the same way the Common App has made it easier for college-bound seniors.

The Common Job App is supposed to be an entry point for a candidate, asking only the necessary questions for an employer to determine if further intake is needed. Participating employers with have access to all applications EXCEPT for those for candidates who may be currently working for them already. Sample application data is provided below. Once we reach a critical level of applications, employees, and funding, we will work to have integration with ADP and other candidate intake programs.

A single application

Multiple Applications will be sortable via Tables, so you can select which candidates to review.

Pilot Partners Listed Below: Contact Adam to get involved, get on this list as part of the Pilot, or for more information.

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